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Naked Trapeze Artist

Naked Trapeze Artist adult porn picture

Sated of the moment, I turned to attend to Elizabeth’s needs. The other club members dance and drink, oblivious to Elizabeth and me. I had her sit on my lap. Not with one leg on each side of my hips, I had her sit on one of my legs facing the room.

I can felt her heat and wetness on my leg. She begins to move back and forth on my leg I lifted her up off my leg moving her so that each leg is on either side of mine. Her pussy was open for me. I spread my own legs a little so she was wide and comfortable. I move back a bit from the table. I bent her forward I slid my hands under her full skirt slip my hand under her bum my finger find the wetness I ran my fingers along her wet slit, pushing in and out her fleshy folds gently, not entering her just yet. While one hand is playing with your breast the other is busy teasing your clit I spent a few more minutes playing with her clit, taking time to play with your folds and touch your wetness, I take my fingers away and you groan. I offered my wet fingers to her lips she sucked on each finger as if it was a small cock, her tongue perpetual motion flicking right and left. I dipped my fingers into her well again, this time, I whispered, ‘I want to taste you’. My mouth engulfs my two fingers sucking the sweet Elizabeth Juice.

She was definitely ready, I lifted her to her feet arms on the table her ass high ready for me to bring her to her orgasm. I shift slightly giving me a better angle of attack, I enter her again, not too deeply, she moaned as I begin to pump my fingers in and out twist with each stoke, slowly at first, teasing her orifice. She bent further to allow me to get deeper. She whispered ‘Ohhh Sarah make me cum, now! Please!”

I worked my fingers inside her the music drowned out her moans as I brought her close to her first orgasm of the night, her legs trembled and her pussy pulsed on my fingers gripping and pulling as I withdrew them to plunge them back deep inside her. When her body began to shake I thumbed her clit, she tensed up, held her breath and then she lost all control of her legs, as her pussy flooded, her clear girly cum running down her thighs. Time since I entered the club 2 hours, time to go to the toilets and clean up, never knowing if we might find someone in there who we can corrupt, take home and have wild uncomplicated sex.

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