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Dreamcatcher adult porn picture

To encourage me the girls knelt in front of me and deliberately passionately kissed whilst looking across at me, laughing as they did so. It was too much to hold back and I declared I was cumming loudly. Bending forward quickly Gemma wrapped her mouth around my cock as the first mouthfuls of hot sperm fired out of me. After my first two convulsions she pulled away, clearly retaining the mouthful s of cum, opening her mouth seductively to let the sticky fluid run from the corners of her mouth, some dripping on her chest below her neck, with a small bead of spunk flowing between her breasts. Still stroking my cock the remaining few spurts of cum splattered across my belly with the last remnants running down my shaft.

The girls again kissed deeply, clearly exchanging the hot spunk that Gemma had caught in her mouth then leaning back from each other, opening their mouths wide to let it cascade from their mouths, mixed with their own saliva to drip on to their breasts and run tantalisingly down their cleavages. Gemma seductively massaged the sticky mess into Jodi’s pert tits and already hard nipples followed by another deep kiss. Lingering teasingly she traced a pattern around her nipples and Jodi sighed in response.

Still turned on my the throbbing dildo inside her Jodi scooped the pool of cum from my belly and cupped her hand around one of Gemma’s breasts, slowly kneaded it into Gemma’s full cup, causing her nipple to fatten further at the brush of a hand and the cooling effect of the air on the damp coating of fluid.

With the dying embers of our passion the girls moved and sat either side of me on the sofa with their heads lolling on the cushions from sexual exhaustion. The faint hum of the buried dildo still persisted. With murmurings of contentment we began to pass into a into a post orgasmic slumber.

As a final throw of her horny desires, Gemma bent across and kissed me, sharing the taste of my hot, sticky spunk that she and Jodi had enjoyed smearing on each other a few moments earlier. Maybe it is your turn to get on all fours and lick me now she said in a hushed tone as her eyes closed. I forced a slight murmur of response through my post coital collapse. Would you like that I enquired. Especially if you let Jodi fuck you from behind she whispered as she slipped into a snooze.

We slipped into a doze to recover from our exertions and savouring the earlier moments from our special afternoon and I felt a slight tremor of excitement and her last, slumber filled, few words.

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